Dance And Robotics In UCIIIM


The main aim of this workshop is putting together engineering students with dancers from the "Laboratorio de Danza" (Aula de las Artes) inside the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

There is not explicitly any robot in the workshop, but we will use technologies very related to robotics as artificial perception and control.

General information about this workshop can be found here.


MIDI Controller via XBee S2 MIDI Controller via Bluetooth Music Generation
arduino_DFrduino_a0_b5.jpg adafruit_products_1588arduino_LRG.jpg?1384802102 Ableton_Live_screenshot.png
Kinect Controller Visual Generation
kinect-660x350.jpg processing-t.jpg

Main Materials

  • Laptop with Windows, Linux or OSX.
  • Processing, for Visual Generation and Kinect Sensor.
  • Arduino for programming Arduino controller.
  • Puredata for sound generation.


Classes will be in 4.0D03 room at Leganés Campus.

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