..., Durga, Gea, Danu, ...

Durga, the form of mother goddess in Shaktism, Gea is the personification of the Earth in Greek mythology, Danu also the mother goddess in Irish mythology, and the "…" before and after that these three female representations are just a few of a bigger list of female goddess, because in scene, this work itself creates a new goddess.

This work developed by the dancer Mari Cruz Planchuelo

The work that DART had to develop was centered on the making of a set of sounding devices with the following features:

  • Small size: they are shown from a portable bag that the dancer carry in scene.
  • Aliveness: each device has to look like a small divine creature that accompany the godness.
  • Autonomy: incorporate batteries and their own control system.
  • Personality: each devices has to move different and produce different type of sound textures.

The developed autonomous devices are shown below:

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