Invisible Spaces

This project was created by the dancer, choreographer and facilitator Mayte Vaos. The invisible space is refered to the ambient background electomagnetic fields emanation that is present in our common living places, but is beyon human perception.

The work is articulated as a site-specific dance performance. The performer uses an electromagnetic (EM) field captor, the perceptor that translates the different EM waves in some type of filtered noise sound that is heard by a pair of headphones. In the same way, the performer interpret artistically these invisible spaces by movement. The project consited in creating an Autonomous Wearable Device that includes movement and rangefinder sensors, that perceive the movements of the performer around the space. Finally, the developed system translates these movements in sound expression, that is articulated by the own autonomous wearable device, so it interacts with the audience to reflect in a public-intimate space.

The costume was designed by Marta Fenollar.

Although the project remained as a work-in-progress, the prototype version was shown in a schooll of children, and in the Skane Art Association, skaneskonst in Malmo, Sweden.

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