La Ninfa de la Fuente


This project was developed for the costum designer, and performer Matías Zanotti.

"La Ninfa de la Fuente" is framed in a performance made inside a shop window exhibited to the street, at the Malasaña district of Madrid.

The work is inspired in a nymph character that is sleeping inside her setting, waiting for somebody to beging the interaction. There is also a fountain outside the shop window where the people can throw a coin. The fountain has programable lights and vibration sensors, so it can detect when someone has thrown a coin, what activates the process. Therefore, the fountain acts as an interface. By MIDI control it activates a music track, and the nymph wakes up.

Technical Description

The Electronic Wig

A wig made of recycled CDs that incorporates 2 servos and several LEDs. An arduino board controls the movements of the servos and the luminiscent patterns of the LEDs. It is based on random movements.

The Wishing Fountain

The fountain is illuminated from its floor by a pattern of lights programmed in a ledstrip. The floor of the fountain also has 5 piezos that detects when a new coin falls in the fountain. When that happens, the lights change their pattern. Also the show begins, automatically. This is made by sending a MIDI messages to an audio controller.


The preformance is made in a a store window in the street. The nimph begins in a dreaming state. It is when a passenger throws a coin to the wishing fountain when everything begins. A track is automatically selected from a list of tracks by the MIDI controller and the nymph wakes up.


The code can be donwloaded in the following git hub project.

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