Javi F Gorostiza (Albacete, 1976) just links a series of partial failures as engineer, researcher, teacher and musician… and that keeps him on trying. His last disaster has been as Assistant Professor of the Systems Engineering and Automation Department at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He received de Msc Degree in Physics Science in 1999. In 2002 he also received another MSc Degree in Electronics Engineering. In 2010 he received the PhD degree on Robotics, working in the RoboticsLab researching group. The main researching interests go from Human Communication and Interaction Models to Human-Robot Interaction and include Dialog Systems, non-verbal and multimodal interaction. He also applies the developed technology on social robotics to collaboration with artistic works. He is also failing as musician and music composition. Now he manages this dart site.


Javier Picazas Molinos Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineer, with a Master Degree on Renewable Energy. His interests include robotics, home automation, renewable energy, 3D printers and Art collaboration. Last work was focused on domotics and energy efficiency, coordinating teams during all the phases of project.
To his engineer activity. He collaborates in several dance projects using mainly kinect sensors to create real time interactive audiovisuals. In his Final Grade Project he developed the first DART project: Augmented Body.
He is volunteer in a scout group from Madrid like a coordinator too.


Javier Aparicio Musician and visual artist. Phd Candidate of Communicaion Science and Arts Department at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC). Postgraduate in Performing Arts (2009) in the same University. Master Degree in Art and New Technologies (2005) in the Universidad Europea de Madrid. (UEM), Fine Arts Degree (1993-98) in Universidad de Barcelona (UB). Musical Studies in classical piano at Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo (1983-1999), and modern and contemporary music at Aula de Musics (Barcelona. Spain). He studied Arts and Crafts in Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Zaragoza (1991-93). Combines his artistic side with research and teaching tasks. Has participated in several multidisiplinary projects, composing music for theatre and performing or playing with contemporary dance and theatre companies; developing his own projects, around Europe, USA, Mexico and South Korea. Between (2008-11) has taught Digital Culture and Art at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED Madrid). In 2010 has been invited for the Contemporary Dance Association of South Korea to the Crossing of Movements Project Residency Program in Seoul and Jeju Island (Republic of Korea). Since 2008 works as set designer and Performing Arts teacher at Escuela de Arte Dramático of Council of Madrid (EMAD) and collaborated with Aula de las Artes at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. In 2016 joined the International Metabody Forum presenting the collaborative project SynBody with Javi F. Gorostiza in the symposium Performance Architectures, Wearables, Gestures of Participation (Artaud Performance Centre, Brunel University London) and in the Mix Arts Program of Plymouth College of Arts, Plymouth (UK).


Alfredo Miralles (Madrid, 1987) is a contemporary dance performer and cultural manager. His work in performing arts production joins his two career paths: dance and project management. Since 2009 he has combined his work at the Aula de las Artes of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid with writing and reflecting on dance, mainly working as a critic in SusyQ magazine. He is currently infused with the search of a suitable language on audiovisual creation in conjuction with the art of movement and new technologies.


Natalia Alonso (A Coruña, 1984)
Set designer, costume designer and teacher. I began my way in the audio-visual Galician as producer but my steps finished for approaching the scenic arts graduating as set designer in the RESAD (Madrid). I like to design but also I enjoy involving me in the handcrafted plane of the projects that I carry out. I work from ideas that they must be translated into images and these in turn in materials and tissues.

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