Javi F Gorostiza or Dartecne (Albacete, 1976)

His work links a series of partial disasters as engineer, researcher, artist, teacher and musician… and that keeps him on trying. His last disaster has been as Assistant Professor of the Systems Engineering and Automation Department at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Msc Degree in Physics Science in 1999. MSc Degree in Electronics Engineering in 2002. In 2010 he received the PhD degree on Robotics, working whithin the RoboticsLab researching group. The main researching interests go from Human Communication and Interaction Models to Human-Robot Interaction and include Dialog Systems, non-verbal and multimodal interaction.

The developed technology on social robotics has been applied to his own artistc works and in collaboration with another artists, as DART.

DART means "Dialogs between Art and Technology". It is a platform where artists and technicians gather together for working on multidisciplinary projects.

In this wiki there are some details about the process and how-to of making some art and technology projects. Each work includes a link to github software code using GNU v3 license.

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