Synbody studies the synesthetic aspects of body movement and its relation to music. Traditionaly, dancer always dance following tha music. Synbody permutes this relation and sets out the question of how the music would be if it emerges from the dancer movement.

A complete explanation of the project, its theoretical issues and evolution can be found in the alfabody website, that we reproduce below:


Wearable technology is used for including sensors, and a wireless control system in the clothing of the dancer.


Here there are the sensors, wired to a central Arduino controller


Details of the control system based on Arduino and on a Bluetooth wireless system, that communicates the set of sensors to a Computer.


The complete dress worn by Javi Aparicio (alphabody) artist. The first presentation of the whole system was in the International Metabody Forum. Brunel University. Londres. 8/04/2016, inside the program named as Performance Architectures, Wearables and Gestures of Participation


The dress worn by the dancer Maricruz Planchuelo. It was presented at ArtMadrid fair, on Feb the 15th, 2017. (Photo by Miguel Angel Garcia)

There are two types of sensor information: continuous and digital. The control system run as a loop inside Arduino with the following pseudocode:

Parameters configuration
Sensor Reading
Information Transmition
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