Temple is an alive installation from the artist Javi Cruz. A set of hoses triggers different acid liquids that produce an effervescent effect in the wall. The project has different stages, where we are still working in. It was first shown in the exhibition "Querer Parecer Noche" made in 2018 at the CA2M, Madrid.


The hoses of the installation end in a set of nozzels controlled by a pan and tilt pair of miniservos. This system is 3 meters hight and it allows to control the direction of the fluid beam to the wall.


When the acid touches the wall it triggers an effervescent chemical reaction. Three different acid liquids are used. Each one is in a different tank and an external water pump
is used to elevate the acid to the hose nozzels.

The controller used is an Arduino MEGA. It controls the 12 pan-tilt miniservos and a set of 6 liquid valves. Water pumps are autonomous controlled, and they keep the necessary liquid pressure along the pipe.

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