Tv Tuset

THis project has been developed for Angel Hernandez Tuset a visual artist of Madrid, Spain. In part of his works he uses a set of parallel zig-zag lines as the ones you find in the old analogic television, when the device is not tuned correctly.


In fact, he usually includes old televisions in his expositions. So, the work that DART developed to him is based on taking the most of an old TV and including some interactive system on it.

With a piezo as a sensor connected to an arduino UNO, and using the arduino tv-out library we develope different scenenarios that appear modulated by the interaction with the spectator:

  • Random noise
  • Spheres bouncing inside the screen
  • Random lines bouncing.

The interaction is based on giving hits to the TV. This gesture is similar as the one we made when the old TV was not tuned. The amplitude of the hit is used to control the velocity of the movement of the objects inside the screen.

When a hit is detected, the control system changes to a scene with balls or lines that move in a velocity that is proportional to the energy of the hit.

This interactive TV was developed for the Entresijos y Gallinejas exposition in Madrid, Spain.

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