Visual Generation


In this project students will learn basic skills of computer graphics real-time generation.


This is the basic necessary hardware:

  • Computer with Windows, Linux or OSX.
  • Projector.

This is the basic necessary software:

You will also need some libraries for Processing:

  • BlobDetection allows to detect pixels with brightness below a configurable threshold value.
  • Box2D is a library that simulates rigid bodies in 2D.


  • Install all the necessary SW components, and check they work.
  • Check the tutorials out, for getting started with Processing language.
  • Check the following examples:
    • plasma. Notice how degradation is made in the edges of the line.
    • fireworks

You will have to work in three different aspects:

  • 2D - Graphics synthesis.
  • 3D - Graphics synthesis.
  • Image processing. For example: image deconstruction.
  • Video processing. For example, video as a texture in a 3D object.



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